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Cranky Kitchens Slots for iPhone has been published!

Hi guys,

Well, It is official, the new Cranky Kitchens Slots is now available!

Download now and see how well you do on the leaderboard.

You get 500 free coins each day.

Cranky Kitchens Slots for iPhone

Hello Crankies!

Welcome to my blog where I will be posting about my adventures of indie game development.

I have a few goals this year and am on the verge of getting past the first one, which is to publish my first app. It is a re-skin project I have been working on, and you would be amazed at all the stuff I am learning about.

There is another game I have been developing that I had been outsourcing on Odesk.com. I plan on releasing this later on this year, with or without the help of another developer to complete it.

So have a seat and Bon appetit!